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Gambit on OLPC - bitwize_devblog

Date: 2008-01-22 18:13
Subject: Gambit on OLPC
Security: Public
Tags:gambit, olpc, scheme, valkyree
OK, here's how to get Gambit on your OLPC.

As root:
 yum install gcc
 yum install glibc-headers
 yum install make

As user olpc (the user account on the machine):
 curl -O http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~gambit/download/gambit/v4.1/source/gambc-v4_1_2.tgz
 tar xvzf gambc-v4_1_2.tgz
 cd gambc-v4_1_2
 ./configure --prefix=/home/olpc/local/Gambit-C
 make install

Here's the proof. This shows that it's fairly simple to get a Scheme going on the OLPC machine.

What I'd like to work on next is turning Gambit into an Activity, so that kids in Rwanda can Scheme together. A Valkyree back end for TamTam is also a nice dream to have.
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